Invictus High School is Back in Session - Welcome Back!

Graduates of IHS West
We’re Back in Session for Fall 2020 Semester!
Invictus High School is back in session for the Fall 2020 Semester and our full school calendar can be accessed here.  Although the school year has started off in a remote environment, there are many supports in place for our new and prospective students to help ensure academic success.
New Student? Click here to contact an enrollment specialist, or click here to enroll today!
Remote learning requires some flexibility and slight changes to the way we provide service and support to our students:
·  Students may reach out to faculty and staff via telephone or email—we are still available and responsive via these communication methods.  Click here for an all-staff directory for contact information by campus.
·  All students have an Invictus High School issued email address.  This will ensure that all students have continuous contact with our faculty and staff at all times.  Please contact your homeroom teacher for access to your email login information.
·  If your phone number or address has changed, click here to update your contact information with the school.
·  Our teachers are providing instruction remotely via Zoom and Google Meet.  A calendar for all academic events has been set up for students to view and join these streaming sessions.  This calendar can be accessed through your Invictus High School Email address by clicking here.
·  Requests for proof of enrollment, transcripts, and other student records can be made by completing the records request form on our website.
·  Current students in need of technology support (a laptop to work remotely or home internet assistance) can click here to request access to these supports from the school.
Ready to continue your journey?  Current students click here for our distance-learning platform to resume your classwork.