About Us

Graduate with IHS Diploma
Invictus is Latin for undefeated, and that’s what our students are with an Invictus High School diploma.

At Invictus, our mission is to educate, support, and empower our students. We do this by offering individual academic plans and support for every student as well as providing resources that give them the power to overcome external barriers to graduation. Our academies model was designed to equip students with hands-on training and certifications to help them advance to graduation and post-secondary success on their personal journey.
With three locations for convenient access, empathetic and supportive faculty and staff, two flexible in-class sections for our traditional (16-21 years) students, and the inclusion of a new online adult diploma program, Invictus High School can provide an educational foundation that is as unique as you are.
Join the undefeated by enrolling today.