Invictus High School's Charter Renewed for Another 5 Years!

The foundation of each community school is its charter. The charter is the school’s commitment to serve Ohio students and families, and it defines how the school will operate. Community schools may be created either by converting a district school or similar entity into a community school, or by starting a school independently of any existing district school or similar entity. In either case, the community school comes into existence upon the establishment of a charter by mutual act of a governing authority and a sponsor.
St. Aloysius’ charters provide that renewal decisions shall be based primarily on three sources of information and performance: academic performance, financial viability and operational performance, including compliance with the charter and applicable law.
The most essential question that St. Aloysius must answer when making renewal decisions is whether the school is an academic success. Invictus High School received a Meets Standards in Overall Rating, Combined Graduation Rate and High School Test Passage Rate on the most recent local report card. The school performs the same or better than all 5 of its comparison schools. Invictus has not been placed on a corrective action plan or probation over the past 5 years. The school continues to show positive net income and increase enrollment. Invictus has a strategic and comprehensive college and career readiness program. The school has clearly evaluated its student population and developed an excellent career advising program, and three potential pathways to graduation. The school’s College Credit Plus program has one of the highest participation rates of all of our DOPR schools, including the highest college credits earned from last year.