At Invictus High School we put students at the center of all that we do!


Invictus High School was developed by a group of educators who were determined to make a difference in the lives of students across Cleveland, Ohio. The school was founded on the belief that all students can be successful in high school if they are provided enough social support and career options that actually work.

Invictus High School Classroom

Invictus High School meets students where they are at and provides them the tools they need to quickly finish high school and move on to college or into a career. By offering flexible schedules, curriculum choices, and credit recovery options the school allows students to finish faster than ever before. Last school year the school had over 50 graduates and is on pace for 100 graduates this year.

Starting in August of 2017 Invictus High School will now offer multiple graduation pathways that provide students not only an accredited high school diploma but also state recognized industry credentials the medical field, business, and law and public safety. The school offers certifications such as STNA Nursing, Microsoft Office credentials, and a security academy that teaches students the skills they need to gain employment after high school.

Students can now also attend college while finishing high school with the Gateway to College Program and College Credit plus in conjunction with Cuyahoga County Community College.

Gateway to College

College credit plusPersonalized Education Lifetime of Success 


Dean Manke, one of the founding principals of Invictus High School, saw the unique challenges facing students even after completing their diploma.

Director Dean Manke


"Some former students lacked the skills and credentials they needed to move on to college or the workforce We realized our mission should be about giving kids a better life - not just a diploma."

"We put more instructional resources back into the classroom and added support staff members."

With the help of the school board, Manke and other administrators went out and made a change.


Every high school student faces unique challenges from struggles with attendance to problems in their home environment.  

"A number of our students have struggles well beyond their education that prevent them from attending" says Invictus High School attendance specialist, Kevin Sparks.

Invictus now employs licensed social workers, intervention specialists and family advocates at each campus to help students each step of the way.


In less than three years the school has grown from one campus to three. With locations in downtown Cleveland, Parma Heights, and on Lee Road we have a campus less than 3 miles from most students. To date Invictus High School has helped over 1000 students in Cleveland earn their high school diploma.

"At Invictus we put students at the center of all that we do" said Manke.

"When we put students first we have seen tremendous results."