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Kevin Sparks is the Attendance/Retention Specialist for Invictus Downtown and West Campus.  He has worked in education for 10 years. Six years with Medina City Schools and the last 4 years with Invictus. He works with the justice system, family advocates, probation officers, parents and Invictus Post-Secondary staff to help students overcome barriers to attending school. Mr. Sparks also provides assistance with EMIS support. He is dedicated to the students of Invictus. He has been a part of helping many students reconnect with school and graduate. His passion is helping kids who really need and want help. He is committed to all Invictus students becoming successful members of their community.

Mr. Sparks is dedicated to his wife, 7 children and 11 grandchildren. He is also involved with high school basketball. When time permits, he enjoys following pro and college football as well as cheering on the Tribe.