My Time at Invictus High School

I remember when I first came to Invictus High School. It was the summer of 2015, and I’d spent that school year at the neighboring John F. Kennedy High School. When there, I had unfortunately let go of my education, and that ended with me having to repeat the tenth grade. When I’d finally completed the tenth grade, my summer break that year lasted for about a week.

Having begged my mother to enroll me here, she finally conceded, and we came here to see what this place was all about. I remember when I actually enrolled. I showed up with my doubts, of course, that comes with trying something new. However, the staff members turned out to be incredibly accommodating and helpful.


I found that I had a reliable and trustworthy staff to turn to when I needed assistance with any work of mine. I’d always needed help remembering to ask for help when necessary. I was used to fending for myself as far as my studies went, yet no one here would allow that to happen.

Overall, my time at Invictus High School was more than satisfactory. I have learned much since enrolling, and now, on my way to graduation, I can say that this school has changed me for the better.


As for the future, when I do graduate from high school, I have plans to become a writer, a novelist. This is a career goal that I’ve shared with some of the staff at Invictus, and I’ve received nothing but support from them, for which I’m eternally grateful. I’ll make certain to remember all of those who pushed me to become my best at Invictus High School.